Online Attendance

All online participants will receive dedicated access to our online event platform some days before the event by e-mail. Videos on demand will be made available on this plattform about 24 hours after the event.

Whitelisting of online event platform and IT recommendations

The system domain of our online event platform will be:

To assure that you can follow the live stream please do our browser check and follow the whitelisting recommendations below:

Browser:A current browser with WebRTC support. Preferably Chrome or Firefox in the latest version. There is no support for Microsoft Edge before version 79 and Internet Explorer in any version.
Website/WebSockets:HTML 5 // Java Script
The Streaming Plattform uses the WebSockets Protokoll (RFC 6455) to communicate between Client-Browser and Web-Server
Cookies:Cookies must be allowed for unique login
Method of transmission:HLS
Video-data rate:Maximum (HD 1080p) up to 6 Mbit/s per Client (adaptive bandwith)


UseDestination FQDN /IPDestination portsProtocol
* (Only for chinese clients!)
Alternative: (without guarantee of completeness)
Alternative: (without guarantee of completeness)
WebSockets:The WebSocket Protocol (RFC 6455) must not be blocked by the firewall. (Also by application firewall)80,443TCP

In addition, we recommend the following points for an excellent video experience:

  • DO NOT use Internet Explorer. Instead we recommend: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and also Microsoft Edge
  • DO NOT use VPN connections. Depending on the number of participants from a company and their surfing and working behavior, bandwidth bottlenecks can occur.
  • We recommend using internet connection via cable if available. Connection via WiFi and/or mobile phone can decrease the picture and sound quality.

Cancellation conditions

In the event of cancellation, rebooking or changes to the invoice, a processing fee of EUR 5.36 gross will be charged in any case.

The rebooking from on-site ticket to online ticket (or online ticket to on-site) is possible up to and including 1 May 2022. Starting on 2 May 2022, 100% of the amount of the on-site ticket will be charged.

In the event of a rebooking, you will be refunded the respective amount, minus the processing fee. For the new ticket, the registration process must be started again.

Online tickets can be canceled up to and including 10 May 2022. Starting on 11 May 2022, 100% of the amount of the online ticket will be charged.

Please see the terms and conditions of Guest-One.



As you may be unable to attend in person or meet everyone, we are pleased to share the list of contacts who indicated their interest in joining the Derivatives Forum Frankfurt 2022. In 2021, over 13,000 people followed the Derivatives Forum, forming a fruitful networking group.


Watch missed sessions on the online platform

Thanks to all participants and speakers for a great Derivatives Forum Frankfurt 2022!!

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